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Positive attitudeTreat all jobs are important

Bengaluru is happening place. All-time people are busy, running for work everywhere. Time factor becomes even more critical anticipating the traffic. Quite a common scene if you visit Bengaluru.

It is almost 20 years I have been living in Bengaluru. I have seen the changes happening. The outer ring roads have become inner ring road and new widespread outer peripheral circles are being formed. Very soon they will also become inner ring road! No doubt the city is expanding rapidly.

At times, people used to wear sweaters during winters. Nowadays, people hardly take out them from the cupboard. Things are changing as there are a lot of developments happening. The city is changing. Yet the city attracts everyone for one or the other reason.

After the introduction of Metro, travel becomes easy for me. I don’t drive, that’s my weakness. However, I have mitigated it by tuning my mind to use public transport. One of the best things can happen using public transport is, you get to meet others. You get to know other people behaviour, both positive and negative.

I would like to narrate one such incident that happened to me. I learnt from it.

It was a busy day as usual. I finished my breakfast and headed to the metro station. As it was late, I was rushing towards the entrance of the metro station. You have to undergo security check. Also, the baggage you carry must be scanned. My mind was filled with time pressure so I mentioned security that I have nothing my bag except a laptop. But lady officer mentioned that no matter what you carry, must be scanned here. It is a process and you cant bypass it.

I was annoyed and adamant to react saying, I travel every day and I am telling you I have got the only a laptop in this bag. Let me go up!

She did not allow. I yelled at her. She was calm and requested to adhere to policies.

I realised my mistake. I realised that everyone is doing their duties and we need to respect it. I realised all jobs are equal and have importance. What if, I lied to her and carry some harmful substance. It would be a disaster, not only that the lady officer would have lost her job due to my mistake.

So, respect everyone and their job!
Everyone is doing their duty and we need to adhere to policy and procedures.
A positive mindset towards this can change the course of your life.

When you happen to be in Bengaluru, do enjoy the Metro ride.

Happy reading!!

Arun Rajpurohit

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