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Humans are curious by nature and this curiosity makes us different from other species. Artificial Intelligence was started as a myth or an unclear vision. People have fantasies related to a mechanical man with enormous power and also thought about mechanical laborers taking care of all hard works.

Artificial Intelligence term was first coined in a research conference at Dartmouth College somewhere in 1956. The word Artificial Intelligence caught the interest immediately and Governments started pushing heavy funds to it. After one and half a decade, funds dried up and Artificial Intelligence didn’t make any significant advancements.

It’s 1980 when a Japanese Government again pushed the funding but no real application came due to lack of computing powers. Academicians kept their researches continued. It’s 21 st century when cheap computing power was accessible to universities and researchers and then Artificial Intelligence came to real-time use.

AI is long there in the trends and this whole decade was a great decade for AI. This new decade is going to witness serious spikes in AI and below trends from Stack Overflow is also stating the same story.

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AI engineers are in heavy demand. Self-driving cars has spiked this pattern by multifold. Udacity Nano Degree graduates in self driving car technology and graduates in Artificial Intelligence are making a handsome salary.

A decent AI engineer is making $800 k per annum. The average salary of an AI engineer is $250 k per annum. Experienced AI developers are making millions. The future belongs to autonomous vehicles and this salary trend will see upward movement.

China and US are in an undeclared race and China is performing quiet well in developing AI centric hardware. Chinese universities are making maximum patents in AI and Artificial Intelligence enabled computer chips will be the next big thing in the coming decade.

Recognizing fake news by using AI is a real use case and all Governments and even private investors are ready to invest heavy amount it. Fighting deep fakes is another challenge that AI researchers are trying to overcome. The researcher who developer an Artificial Intelligence to fight against Artificial Intelligence will take it all.

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A computer is a great servant and can work at unimaginable speed but the Computer is the worst decision-maker. It can’t take actions until programmed to take action. Putting the decision-making power to the computer or to machines (in broad scenario) is called Artificial Intelligence.

Chatbots is the first use case that comes to my mind while discussing Artificial Intelligence. We are using automated call centers on a daily basis without actually feeling it. Speech analysis is also an example of Artificial Intelligence and defense organization (around the globe) are intercepting the calls and getting the automated response for threat calls. This is a very holistic use of Artificial Intelligence that saving millions of life against the threat of terrorism.

Artificial Intelligent medical imaging has outperformed the human radiologist and classify breast cancer image better than an actual human doctor. iPhone (with AI application in it) has outperformed doctors in classifying skin cancer.

Artificial Intelligence is at a very beginner stage and it is not limited to healthcare. AI has enormous scope in logistics, finance, and human behavior too. Day is not far when brain computer interfacing would be no hassle task. That would be the real interaction of human with AI enabled machines.

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