AWS, Azure, Apache Kafka

AWS, Azure, Apache Kafka Training In Bangalore

AWS, Azure, Apache Kafka

Amazon Web service, Azures and Apache Kafka are Top IT service providers with different services in the world of Information technology. They are the world’s topmost renowned companies providing services like cloud computing, Analytics, Application integration, and Distributed streaming platform.

Amazon web services

Amazon web services is a subsidiary of Amazon Inc., the world’s largest online retail giant which has expanded its landmark from online selling to businesses like Groceries, Web services, Cloud services, etc. Amazon web services have multiple products in various fields such as Analytics, application integration, Cost management, blockchain, Database, developer applications and much more.

With time amazon web services has entered in every zone. From Blockchain to satellite, there is no such service that amazon doesn’t provide. Amazon is providing big competition to the existing giant such as Google, Microsoft, etc.

Amazon has a different pricing scheme for its various products. After submitting your requirement you get a quote from the salesperson. To retain the customer it provides free trials, demo account, bonus offers and 12 months free schemes. Amazon web services have taken a big market share within a short time.

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Azure is a product of Microsoft Inc.’s world’s largest IT service providers and pioneer of Windows solution and Microsoft office. Azure provides cloud computing services to various organizations to help them meet business challenges. Azure provides easy build application services on a massive global scale and framework.

With Azure, you can make your cloud computing easy and seamlessly. It provides you a cloud network that you can trust and operate hybrid. It is an extremely secure network and save you a lot of cost.

Azure pricing structure depends on the number of services you want to take and period. It provides a transparent price calculation method. You can simply go on the website, select the service you want and get the price in front of you through an online calculator.

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Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka is a distributed streaming platform. It subscribe and publish the streams of records, just like the enterprise messaging system. It helps in storing the streams of records in fault-tolerant durable way.

Apache Kafka provides a solution to very complex IT problems and serves various clients all over the world such as the New York Times, Pinterest, Zalando, Adidas, and Airbnb. Like Amazon web services and Azure, it also has different price structures depending on the number of services you choose. It is constantly expanding and adding new products and services to best serve the clients.

Amazon web services, Azure, Apache Kafka all three are top services providers and competitors in the field of Information technology. Amazon is expanding very fast to get market share from its competitors. Azure is comparatively more trusted brand when it comes to IT infrastructure and cloud services because of the parent company Microsoft. As Microsoft has been in the industry for quite long and created a trust and reputation among the clients. In the end, all three have different unique selling points and are best in their services.

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