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Computer-aided design (CAD), also known as CADD, is a computer technology that is used to design a product and is also helpful to document the design process. The CAD facilitates the manufacturing process by transferring detailed diagrams and information about the product’s dimensions, processes, tolerances, and materials with specific conventions for the same. It can be used to produce either 2D or 3D diagrams which can be viewed and analyzed from any angle.

CAD can be installed and used in all major Operating Systems which includes Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. A pen and Digitalized Graphic Tablet is recommended for proper drawing. View manipulation can be accomplished with a spaceball. Also, stereoscopic glasses can be used to view a 3D Model.

Product design is well beyond the looks of the product. Industrial designers actually need to know the working of a product. CAD software is an essential tool used by industrial designers to explore both the form and function of design ideas.

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Designing is not a simple job and it is not easy as it sounds. A new product involves a lot of complex processes and brainstorming. In fact, product design involves everything from brainstorming, designing the product efficiently, style and aesthetic sense of the product. When trying to come up with a solution to a problem, it’s essential to make sure that it’s functional. CAD reduces the need for a physical prototype, therefore streamlining the entire process.

Practically speaking a designer, first of all, starts his product design with paper and pencil so that they can get an idea about what and how they will be designing. After the process, the majority move on to CAD. After testing a few of the concepts using CAD and redesigning them to perfection, product designers then move on to prototyping. While prototypes nowadays are typically no longer traditional, in that they aren’t prototyped physically, prototyping is still important.

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Using CAD, product designers are able to create virtual prototypes without spending a penny on physical prototyping thereby saving a lot of their efforts. The cost-effective measure of CAD allows you to iron out the issues and lowers the barrier to entry of prototyping. In this step, smaller problems are fixed and prototypes are remade. Then there’s a final prototyping stage where the aesthetics and function of the product are ironed out. When you know what the final product will look like, and the function is determined, you’re ready to move forward.

CAD designers again are paid quite well with the average salary being USD 1,08,000. Designers are generally innovative people and this is justified by the heavy salary that they are drawing. Since it also involves a lot of brainstorming and a creative mind, the majority of the people leave this field without trying to know the exact thing. However, those who continue, step on ever-rising career.

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