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Humans are lazy by design this laziness is the single biggest reason for most of the innovations. Apart from Laziness, boredom is a great catalyst in innovations. Since humans don’t want to do repetitive tasks, they automate things with the help of computer programs.

The last decade is the decade of cloud infrastructure and now we have big players in the cloud domain. AWS, IMB Cloud, Google Cloud, Azure Cloud are a few well-known names of cloud providers. Big or small, every organization is using cloud service in some manner. Cloud is a great option for testing the water and it cost-efficient too.

DevOps came as a buzzword in the last 3-4 years and industry bought this buzzword instantly. Now every team has a reserved position for DevOps engineer. But DevOps is not a separate technology or I should say it is not a technology at all. It’s more a development practice or should say the development culture (in broader terms).

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We have settled on the word development culture so we can make a list of rituals in this new culture:

  • Every Development Project should be maintained on a version control system. Ideally, developers should maintain GIT for each and every project.
  • Unit Testing is a norm and each developer should write unit test cases with the code, otherwise code should not get passed further from review phase.
  • CI/CD pipelines should be there for each and every project. These pipelines require automated testing so it makes Jenkins or likes of Jenkins compulsory for project development. Continuous Integration (CI) pipeline ensures a new build if all test cases pass. Continuous Delivery (CD) pipeline deploys the build to staging and other environments.
  • CI/CD pipelines ensures zero downtime and also gives broader flexibility to run more staging servers with different versions of builds.
  • Proper project management tool should be used and in the case of agile development, all agile practice should be used. JIRA and Basecamp are two popular choices for project management.

Above are projected culture-related tasks for a DevOps engineer. DevOps engineer actually makes the required arrangements to run all the above services. DevOps engineer installs CI/CD pipeline on the environment.

If we talk about the opportunities in DevOps then it is huge. Each and every company and each and every project requires a DevOps engineer to manage their infrastructure (on Prem and on the cloud).

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A big thing in the market is the Environment as a service, which is called the containerization of software environment. If you have heard about Docker Containers and Kubernetes, then give me hi-five- you are updated with the market.

This is the job of DevOps engineer to make the environment enable container service and OpenShift related stuff.

There is no doubt on the market demand of DevOps engineer and lucrative salary offers are also there for DevOps engineer. As per Glassdoor, the average salary of DevOps engineer is $133378 per annum and job site Indeed has listed this average $122969 per annum. Not bad at all.

This trend of DevOps demand is going to stay. But I recommend DevOps skills should be learned by every developer. Right now, this skill is good to have and can give you a pay hike up to 50-60% but in the future, this skill is going to be a must-have for every developer and then it will be a matter of survival.

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