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Embedded Programming

Let us first get started with an Embedded System is. An embedded system is a computer system on which hardware and software both are tightly integrated. More specifically, it is a computer system with a dedicated function that is combined with some real-time computing constraints. In short, we can define it as Hardware(Visible) + Software(Invisible)=Embedded System. To clarify this let us take an example of the Washing Machine. The switches, motors, etc that are visible to us are the hardware parts and inside the microcontroller a program is embedded which tells the machine to do the specific task like what happens on pressing a particular button, amount of time the motor should be rotated, etc. This is the software part. Therefore, the complete system is called the embedded system. Therefore embedded system programming is programming an embedded system with real-time constraints. The assembly program is converted into hex code before being uploaded to the microcontroller.

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Fundamentally, we need to understand the difference between MicroControllers and Microprocessors. Microprocessors are the heart of the Computing System whereas MicroControllers are the heart of Embedded Systems. Since a Microprocessor is only a processor, therefore, I/O devices need to be connected externally whereas the case is different in MicroControllers. This gives MicroControllers the advantage that the circuit is small for them whereas it is very large in Micro Processors.

The vast majority of the embedded toolchains are designed to support the C language, therefore having sound knowledge of C is extremely essential. Next up should be learning basic electronics. Topics like Voltage, Resistance, Ohm’s Law, Kirchoff’s Law, Power, Energy should be on your fingertips. Since Embedded Programming also comprises of hardware, knowledge of using physical equipment is also necessary like soldering iron, DMM, etc.

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The most important task should be about knowing what you want to use in your system. This could either be a microprocessor, a microcontroller or an ARM system. ARM is now fairly used standard in electronic devices, mobile phones, multimedia players, etc so this could be a good choice as well.

Since this is a very innovative field these require talented engineers as well. The Average Salary for them is about $1,05,000 USD so they are being paid quite well. Again, since innovation is at the core of the Embedded System, this is a technology that will rise to new heights in the coming years.

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