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Human is one of the wonderful creatures of nature. Human is always been experimental since birth. With extra speaking and thinking abilities, humans are becoming smarter as the passing of the generations.

Necessity is the mother of invention! Isn’t it true? Well, consider the below story of a farmer. 

The farmer’s daily routine was to go to the forest and bring the woods back home, that would serve as fuel and extra left out was used for selling to earn little money. He was good at sharpening his ax for his job. Daily he would carry his lunchbox to fill his stomach during lunch hour. 

One day, he was surprised to see the lunch box with no spoon in it! He was wondering how his wife forgotten to keep the spoon. He was hungry, but his hands were dirty. There was no water near around, he had to find a way to eat lunch. What did he do? any guess!

He searched for a big dry leaf, made it as a spoon! He had a good lunch with a different way of eating. Did he invent a spoon? Well, I don’t know, but this story gives a thought that, when necessity becomes the need of the hour, invention happens!

Life is driven by our needs! One has to fulfill the needs and thereby the need for inventing something new. In the value chain of business, that’s the start! 

Can you recall your day? How did it start and end?

Well, let me list out the common things, that would have happened for anyone.
The day started with an alarm! So there was a clock. Nowadays you have gadgets like a smartphone, smartwatch!

Much before that, I was in lying in a nice bed! Wow, what did the bed consist of? A wooden cot? A mattress and a pillow? 

I got up. I am sophisticated! I wore chappals and then straight to the washroom. My bad mouth reminded me to brush! I got a digital brush now, which tells me the odor of my mouth! Crazy… I had to rush for an interview, so no time for me. I took a shower, do I have to mention I used a soap! 

I wore formals, nice shoes! I opened the garage to take out the car, realized it’s punctured! How about my bike! Oh, it is running out of fuel yesterday! What do I do? I have got a bicycle, but I have to reach on time!

Thanks to technology, Let me find a carpooling. Yes, I found one, but will they go in my way? Not sure. Let me try a private cab! Wow, plenty available nearby. That’s a good choice. 

The app showing 3 minutes, yes its on the way! How good it is. The cab arrived and I got in. Hmmm. bit relaxed now. I need not say driver where to go! Its taken care of, even the best route as I have chosen the premium drive!

All of sudden, my stomach started strange sounds! I had no time for breakfast. I realized the interview schedule is for 2-3 hours and I will be in trouble if I don’t eat something! Just happen to check if the cab service has some pick up for food. Yes, it is! Wonderful, I booked it online and it was delivered on the route! Excellent.

So far so good. 
At times things go wrong! Traffic jams at the junction. Tension rises, but no choice! I have to inform the client about the situation, have I got the email address? I asked my phone if it can found with the client’s name. It did and I just said, “Hey I am stuck in the traffic at the junction and I will be delayed by 45 minutes”. Notification sent and I am relaxed. What do I do now? 

Well, let me catch up on the latest news on the phone. The phone battery is showing only 40% left. I searched for an extra battery and connected it. Cab driver noticed it and said, Sir don’t worry, you can plug it in the kit present near him. How nice of him. So I used it for a while to recharge while I was reading about news of my interest!

Finally, I reached the venue. I need not pay in cash as its paid through wallet! By the way, I did carry my wallet and some cash in it.

At the reception, I went and mentioned my name and reason for the visit. To my surprise, there is no one at the reception! I was talking to a BoT. Wow, technology is driving me. I got an alert on my phone saying ” Jane will receive you in a moment”.  By then I got a call and it was Jane! She directed me to got the third floor, the first cabin.

While I entered cabin, I was searching for a pen and my notepad, while Jane greeted me and said, use the computer and fill the information. She mentioned, we have your CV online and Krish will be taking the interview in a while. I was surprised to see the kind of automation in the process!

It was a good session with Krish. Krish mentioned the feedback is online and its sent to the HR department. He asked me to follow up with Jane for further process. While I was about to call, I got an email from Jane about my next round and I can leave for the day. It was quicker than I thought earlier.

I had plenty of time to go back home. I decided to destress myself. I searched for a nearby event. As it was a weekday, very few appeared and I had no option than searching for a movie. Thanks to the app, I booked a ticket online in the nearby movie hall. To my surprise, the app did mention that one of my best friends is also planned for the same movie! I was very happy, I called up my friend Lisha and confirmed. Technology has made our life easy and we are connected so fast!

We realized it’s a lengthy movie and a break would be much later than expected. I check on the app if I can place snacks and beverages. It worked and in no time it was present in front of us. I did not realize I had to pay for that, but the serving-man mentioned that the outlet has applied the rewards that were left in the account! How amazing it is.     

I came back home. I checked the fridge if it has enough vegetables, milk, and curd. It was, however, I noticed the egg tray was empty. I thought of going out, but someone rang the doorbell. To my surprise, he was the regular delivery boy with a case of eggs! I asked him, how do you know? He reminded me about the orders that I placed previously. Thanks to smart homes! The fridge identified my needs and placed the orders with the supplier, not just that it also made the payment!

I was on cloud nine! Is it a dream! Definitely not. Over a period of time, from the stone age to industry evolutions, transformation is happening. As I mentioned our needs are the drivers for these transformations and the future generations to come will experience the disruption in a faster way than what Gen x,y, z are experienced.

This was just an example, of how transformation is taking place in everyone’s life and what we are experiencing. You can consider any activity that you could do in your daily life and it’s driven by technology.

At times arguments do happen, are we becoming blindfold, handicapped? My opinion is Experience the best!

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