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MEAN Stack Development

With the boom of the internet in the late ’90s and early ‘2000s(also known as the dot com bubble), the importance of having a website for any company /organization saw a tremendous rise. In many terms, the online presence of a company justifies its market status. A typical website with which we interact regularly comprises of 2 fundamental parts- i) The Front End Part ii) The Backend Side.

Front End Part is basically the design you see once you visit a website. All the UI/UX part falls under the Front End Development. Any interaction with the servers or databases or any other activity happening behind the scenes of the website comprises of backend development. For instance, let us take the example of As soon as you visit the website, you are greeted with something like top deals, deals of the day and different products menu. This is the front end part. When you like any product, you see the price of that particular commodity and if it suits your budget you add it to the cart. Since this involves interaction with the database, this is typically the backend part.

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Now once we are clear with the Front End and Backend Part, it’s essential to know how these are being implemented. Specifically in this article, we will be talking about MEAN Stack.

MEAN stands for
M- MongoDB, a type of NoSQL database
E- Express.JS, a server-side framework
A- Angular.JS, a front-end framework
N- Node.JS, a server-side framework

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As you can see, MEAN Stack Development works on JavaScript. Now working on JavaScript has it’s own advantage ie it can be used in both front-end as well as the backend part. Typically, Angular is used to create the front end part with Express being used in Backend. The advantage of using Express over Node is that the former was created typically for website development purpose, hence it is more optimized for the same. MongoDB is used to store information in the database. A MEAN developer differs from Full Stack developer in the sense that the former works on only Javascript Technologies while the later is open to working on any framework and is, therefore, language-independent.

Some major advantages of MEAN Stack Development include:
i) Cost-Effective
ii) MVC architecture
iii) Open Source
iv) Cloud Compatible.

Some recent trends suggest a MEAN stack developer is more preferred to a Full Stack Developer, therefore has a marginally increased pay as compared to later. The average salary corresponds to about $90,000 in the US and about
Rs.7,00,000 in India. There is an unlimited growth in the field of Web Development and some sources suggest the opening of 23,000 new jobs in this field. With the ever-increasing popularity of JavaScript, mastering MEAN stack development should be one of your top goals to learn in 2020.

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