Mobility – Android & iOS platform

Mobility - Android & iOS platform Training In Bangalore

Mobility - Android & iOS platform

Android and IOS platforms are the two most popular operating system followed by windows operating system. Android is used by various brands such as Samsung, Huawei, Oppo and many more where IOS is specifically used Apple products. Currently, Huawei is also building its operating system to compete with android.

Android Platform

Android was created by Andy Rubin in 2003, it was initially developed as an operating system for digital camera but later he realizes that the market for digital cameras isn’t that too big. So, he diverted his attention to mobile phones.

In 2005, Google bought Android operating system. Many experts considered it sign of google entering into phone business but google only focused on marketing android to the mobile manufactures. The plan was to market it so much that mobile manufacturers use it to make phones. HTC was the first company to use Android as an operating system for its phone.

Currently, Android is completely free and used by various smartphone manufacturers as their operating system. Android has various platforms that are built-in android systems such as play store by google, google maps, google search and YouTube.

All these platforms are powered by google and are built-in Android system. This means that any smartphone manufacturer using Android system will have these built-in phone and user will not have the need to download it specifically from any play store. Other than that, Android runs on several devices such as TV, auto, and Chrome OS. This means that you can connect your android devices with your TV, car and take advantage of various apps and benefits that android operating system provides.

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IOS platform

IOS platform is specially used for apple products and was developed in 2007 by Apple Inc. IOS occupies 9% of the share of the market whereas android occupies more than 80% of market share. IOS is widely popular and updates its product every year in summers. So if you are an iPhone user you would be very much fond of regular Apple updates.

As IOS is specifically used by apple products it has several built-in Apple products such as Apple Maps, Siri, iTunes, etc. Siri is a very popular application of the IOS and only available in Apple products. Currently, with the launch of the iPhone 11, Apple has also launched IOS 11 with major upgrades and changes in the system.

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Android vs. IOS

Android is the most popular platform used by almost every mobile manufacturer. But IOS is considered to be more secure as compare to the android system. Through android is also secure but it’s easy for many hackers to breach the security of android platforms whereas most of the hackers have been unsuccessful in breaching the privacy of IOS.

For developers, android is very easy to install and many developers prefer working on android whereas IOS isn’t available for the general market to use it as their operating system. Both platforms have their advantages and charm.

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