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Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a suite of applications that are specially designed to increase productivity for home or office work. It was first released in 1990 and is a product of Microsoft cooperation Inc. The main purpose behind initiating this was to ease the business work process and increase productivity.

Microsoft office can be used in 35 different languages in different PC, laptops and even mobile phones. It has applications like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, one-note, access, outlook and publisher applications, etc. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and outlook are its widely used products and are used in all over the world for school, universities and office assignments.

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How and where it is used?

Each Application of Microsoft office serves a different purpose as follows:

  • Microsoft Word: Microsoft word is used for creating text documents in all over the world.
  • Microsoft Excel: Microsoft office is used for creating simple and complex data numerical sheets.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint: it is specially used for creating professional multimedia presentations.
  • Microsoft Publisher: application especially used for publishing and creating marketing materials.
  • Microsoft one note: It is alternative to paper notebook and used to neatly organize the notes

Microsoft office is widely used by different offices and university professionals for different purposes such as many universities students use word and PowerPoint to write reports and making presentations. In most of the offices, excel is used to record, compile and evaluate the data. Most finance professionals use excel daily to make simple and complex calculations.

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Currently, the latest version of Microsoft Office is available in two different categories i.e. home and business. Home category has three subcategories that are office 365 home, office 365 personal and office home and student 2019. Office 365 home is available at the price of $99.99 per year and office 365 personal is available at the price of $69.99 per year. The price of office home & student 2019 is $149.99 per year.

Microsoft office business category is also further divided into three categories that are office 365 business, office 365 business premium, office 365 business essentials. The prices of the business category are based on per user. The price per user per month for office 365 business is $8.25, and for office 365 business premium the price is $12.50 per user per month. Office 365 business essential charges $5 per user per month.

The difference in prices is based on the number of applications included in the plan. Plans with fewer prices have fewer applications included as compared to plans with higher prices.

Some interesting facts about Microsoft office 

  • The first application of Microsoft office was Excel
  • The first name of PowerPoint was presenter
  • Around 1.5 billion people use windows every day and 1.2 billion people from that use Microsoft office that is approximately 1 in every 7 people on the earth.
  • Microsoft office has around 400 million active users every day
  • Around 3 billion minute Skype calls are made every day.
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