Transform Your Child’s Personality

Personality development and soft skills coaching

FREE Webinar (13 Sep 2020 at 11 AM IST - 90 Minutes)


Savitha Bhaskar (B.S - USA)

Certified Child Counselor | Softskills Trainer | Degree in Business Studies from Illinois USA

Savitha Bhaskar specializes in the development and nurturing of soft skills in children. Be it communication, decision making, organizing, and any skill that helps children to deal with the real world.

How This Webinar Helps Your Child?

Today's children are tomorrow's leaders. However, to get there, they need to be ambitious. They need to learn how to make the right decisions. And they need to be confident to find their spot in this competitive world.

While schools help your child solve math problems or understand the science behind our solar system. However, children also need to be taught how to deal with REAL WORLD problems.

Hard skills like science and maths are very important for your child's academic achievements. However popular research one at Harvard University shows that 85% of a persin's personal and business life success greatly depends upon soft skills.

Soft skills like communication, team building, decision making, self-esteem ad very important at every stage of your child development. These soft skills complement hard skills.

What Your Child will Learn?

How to Create-self awareness

Being aware of one's passion and interests are key to finding their true purpose in life.

How to Improve Self Confidence

A confident child is a confident leader of the future.

How to Work with Their Goals

Your child will be able to set goals for himself/herself and create an actionable plan to achieve those goals

How to Use Their Time Efficiently

Time, being a scarce resource, your children will learn how to make use of the time in enriching their lives

How to Standout from Crowd

These days, it's not just enough to be academically brilliant, it's also vital that your child stands out from the crowd by fostering his/her unique abilities.

How to be Ambitious

Setting an ambition early in life sets the stage for goal setting and creating a plan for reaching that ambition.

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