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We are public. We Need Safety


We live in a society in which humans exhibit different emotions. Happy moments create a happy environment. But many times, ugly behavior results in disasters. People of all ages are prone to attacks. When it comes to Female gender, they are suffering more.

What do you feel, if you are walking alone on the street late at night or taking a cab from the airport to your home! Safety comes first.

According to research the molestation, rape, abduction, attacks and similar incidents are growing day by day.

The transformation has made our life easy. All of us use gadgets for various needs. The smartphone is now basic commodity one can afford and use it.

There are plenty of resources available one can use for their safety. However, they are reactive, time-consuming. Before the crime happens, one has to wait for many actions.

Imagine if we solve this with a simple solution. You can just download and configure once. Rest we take care of you!

Kavach, a mobile application available on the android platform, makes the public safe. A protection layer for your surroundings which can alert caretakers, police department within a fraction of seconds before anyone attacks you!

Kavach makes you safe. What are you waiting for? Download and be protected.

If we are responsible for waste generation, then we are equally responsible for proper segregation, processing.

Digital Smart Dustbin (DSD)

Our everyday needs are increasing. Commodities we use at times, we just throw it. We produce waste!

Waste management is a huge challenge everywhere. It is not about education or mentality to expect waste management to be in order. It is our duty, responsibility, accountability to ensure waste management i.e. waste segregation, waste processing is happening in the right fashion to keep our surroundings clean.

There are ugly scenes every day to see the waste being thrown on the road every without proper segregation. The domestic or commercial level does not enough facilities to segregate, dump, process every waste.

Discipline can bring change. We are responsible for waste generation and disposal. How can we bring the discipline?

DLithe gives you a solution for this!

Digital Smart Dustbin (DSD) makes your life easier. Just like you wish to have a refrigerator or washing machine or vacuum player, we have a smart dustbin for you which is digitally operated.

It gives you the flexibility to store waste in different compartments. Not just that, it has the facility to process the dry waste and flush the liquid waste. The digital panel will enable you to set a notification for waste pickers so that you avoid throwing waste on the road. 60-70% of the waste generated every day can be segregated properly and processed. And when you do so, you don’t throw it on the road, rather once in while you dispose of with a proper waste collection mechanism.

Digital Smart Dustbin is essential for you. Bring it home and make the environment clean.

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