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RPA (Robotic Process Applications)

Business is no more a matter of privilege of money and resources, this is the time of liberal economy and resources are available to all. The only differentiating factor for businesses is their employees, their work culture, their work quality, and their interaction with customers.

With increasing data and processes, every business is facing challenges in operating the processes. Employees are spending a lot of time in managing repetitive processes instead of doing real work. It also impacts the interaction with the client and deliveries, since available time is constant for each day.

Robotic Process Automation is automating tasks among various organizational processes and passing the data among processes. Let’s understand it with the example: Company HR has the data of Birthdays and Anniversaries of all employees. HR used to send emails to wish Birthdays and Anniversaries and this task eats up some productive time every day. Another thing, this manual process is error-prone too.

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RPA can automate this task and each day email should be sent at a prespecified time. It will be well managed and would also be on time, without fail.

Another example of Robotic Process Automation is automating a Fixed Deposit query with an intent-based chatbot. So, no human is required to do chatting for a Fixed Deposit query. This is a one-time task to encode the process (this is called business process documentation in technical terms) for Fixed Deposit intent and then any number of customers can chat with the chatbot.

RPA can easily handle the document-related tasks and document management system of any organization.

Another use can be to reply to the inquiry emails from the customers. Enquiry emails usually have a pre-specified structure and specific keywords are there. So automated reply can send and RPA system can be integrated with the database to share relevant information within the reply.

Cognitive reply can also be automated if the email query doesn’t have a pre-specified structure. But RPA can handle the task of collecting the relevant data from multiple sources and sharing that with the end customer.

Robotic Process Automation is a fashion and catching the market at a good pace. Each and every big company is hiring RPA professionals. UiPath is one of the most popular RPA tools and other biggies in the field are Automation Anywhere and Blue Prism. Investing time in learning these tools is a worthy investment and RPA is also good for entry-level engineers.

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Best RPA (Robotic Process Applications) Training in Bangalore

The salary of RPA developer is not that lucrative in comparison to ML engineer or Blockchain engineer but if we count on the scale of complexity and effort of learning then RPA Developer is getting good salaries.

RPA developers are getting INR 30k to 45k per month based on the company they opt for.

Senior RPA developers (who have knowledge of multiple tools) are getting INR 18-22 LPA.

Senior Managers with RPA skills and good management skills are getting INR 35-50 LPA.

Finding a job in RPA is relatively easy and entry-level jobs don’t have any barrier at all. Starting a career as an RPA developer is a good choice but one needs to get himself updated with every new development in the domain.

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