Once upon a time! Not many years ago. Just about 20 years back that’s when I completed graduation, I was fresher then, with lots of hopes in eyes looking for job opportunities. Difficult times those days but there was the zeal to learn, there was hungriness to experience. It’s just not me, but there were plenty of people like me. Not much information around so I had to search for it.

Now, I am working with fresher’s community recalling my days and sharing my experiences to them. Between then and now, lot of changes happened. Transformation! However most of the current fresher community go directionless. Why is that?

Let me share my experience working with current generation.

Mobile phone is no more communication device, rather it’s a toy for newborn baby. Without that, baby refuse to eat! Strange but it’s true.

Industry revolution has brought information faster and available everywhere. This information is so useful that one can utilise it in many ways. Be it for business or personal information is key.

Online information is accessible easily for fresher’s. How many of them make use of it effectively? An engineering or a degree student almost spend 700 plus days(3-4 year duration) in a college. What this can translate for a fresher community? 700 hours of credit! if they learn and implement? It can be an art or painting or a photography or coding or technical writing etc.

The question is how many believe in this credit system? They undergo plenty of training, attend workshops, internships. But journey is just stopped there. Why is that? Lack of motivation? Lack of guidance?

Opportunities are everywhere. It is the learning attitude, hunger that can transform fresher’s career. When they begin learning, it is important that they continue to learn and implement.

The last two years I have met some amazing fresher’s (still in academics). How different are they!

For example, Mr Sanath, 3rd year student of SDMIT, Ujire is very different. A soft spoken yet does not give any room for errors when he gets into conversation with experts. His continuous exploration on technology has given him edge over others in competitive world. Recently when I discussed about PHP requirement, he said “Sir, its old now, go for Node JS and Bootstrap for better user experience!”. I was surprised to hear that from him. He is thinking of better user experience and giving suggestion on technology selection.

Mr Chandan & Mr Sriram. 3rd year students of UVCE Bengaluru, found DLithe a place for their learning & implementation. Their commitment is great. After college hours, they walkin to our office and work till 6.30pm. They are great team players and often discuss design & implementation improvements. Young age, but lots of energy and passion. I love to work with them, they motivate me as well.

There are many examples like this.

If the above are some good examples, I also experience opposite of that. Well, I don’t say it’s bad for me! But bad for fresher’s when they don’t utilise the opportunities. Colleges puts lot of effort in making students ready for career opportunities. However most of the students don’t utilise it to the extent of their potential. They miss the opportunities and come to cities like Bengaluru. They look for opportunity which is lost when it was readily available. They are panicked.

What should I do? There is a pressure from family as well. The neighbour son/daughter is placed in MNC and earning handsomely. I must do something now. I am just reading the mind of fresher when I talking to them during on / off campus meets.

I spoke to my senior and hence I decided to join the technical course. Excellent decision, however have you decided what you want to do? Did your senior got job or just still searching? Will you get the same job as what your senior got? Are you seriously learning and implementing now? Are you passionate or just under pressure of getting into some job? – These are just the thoughts go around the minds of fresher’s. The result after 6 month or one year, is the same. I did not find a suitable job.

Where did they go wrong! The answer is simple. Campus recruitment is awesome opportunity for fresher’s. They must make use of it. Fresher’s need to work back word and set goal in the 1st or 2nd year to earn their job during campus. They need to work backwards, develop personality that can make difference to the business and personal life.

Listening to others is good, however your own analysis, experience and judgement is necessary for your actions.

Make use of the opportunities – it’s there in front of you! Grab it. Make the right decision!


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