The evolution

Industry 3.0 brought tremendous transformation in the field of Information Technology. With Internet network, every one in the world got connected. Things are made simpler, easier yet achieve greater customer experience and operational excellence. Industry 4.0 is advanced, anything and everything revolving the data is being analysed to give the greatest of best experience to the users making processes simpler and faster!

Let’s look at how the transformation has lead to the new heights while new generation not only developing, but experiencing it.

Recall, i mentioned about the older generations using small diaries, notepads to write down the daily activities, accounts etc. I feel the records are like Ledger system. They used to write down so instead of memorising, they could take a look back it whenever they wanted. At the same time, it took time for them write each and everything.

The needs are changed as generations passed. Some one thought about file systems, applications like excel where data can be stored on computers. Increase in user experience, less risk of loosing the data as it was recorded electronically. Faster response made it easier to read, browse.

Some one thought of database to store large set of information. So database system arrived giving flexibility for users to store large amount of data connecting to applications. Thus making users life more easier than before. More or less all the applications started using database, yet the information was key.

Some one wanted to present this data beautifully. Thanks to web applications that could fetch data and present. Not just that one could create, modify the data online.

What’s happening now! It is the same data which is present in the database is used for analysis. Look at telecommunication systems. From fixed landline connections to pagers, key pad phones to smart phones we are transforming. Today you can use smartphone for everything, thanks to mobile applications that easily accessible.

User data is become important for the business now. User expectations are changing as they experience the best and worst from the Industry. Industries are looking at the customer behaviour very closely and arriving at patterns to give the best experience and make process even faster.

A while ago, we used to stand in queues to get movie tickets. Today, a mobile app can provide you all details instantly, book not just ticket but allow you to choose the seat that you want, snacks that you want during break! Isn’t it fantastic? A good experience and faster process can make a positive impact to the business growth. Business can grow with rick customer experience and reduce their cost with making process automation.

Another example! Years ago, we waited for bus without any information. Today, you can track the bus online, alert care takers. Again good customer experience, effective use of bus with optimised way of transportation thus reduction in operational cost for the bus providers.

Take look at banks! You are customer of a bank. The older generations, experienced visiting branches for transactions. The queue system, manual operation thus waiting time was more. Core banking concepts have transformed banking system. You are on a business visit and you have deposit a cheque. You don’t have to wait till you come back to your city. Just walk-in to any nearest branch and they will accept. KYC’s ( Know your customer) compliance are made easier. Banks knows you and your needs more than what they know about them self. From manual withdrawal to ATM’s to now mobile banking, transactions are made simpler and simpler. The days are not so far, when you will witness no physical presence of any branch. Everything is made online, easier, faster and more importantly secure.

If you have turn one notifications, I am very sure google will be assisting you for your daily activities. It could be with your bus tracking, movie alerts, food favourites, friends suggestions, nearby offers etc. You are witnessing transformation, just be part of it and enjoy it.

Thus, it is the small element called “Data” is key for transformation.

From handwriting to electronic, this data is driver for business growth to analyse customer behaviour and excel in the process automation.

Watch out for Industry 4.0 happenings around you. Experience the best!!!

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